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What is the quality of the products that you offer?

Palltex offers different quality levels in order to provide big assortment and freedom for the clients to choose products according to their budget. We offer good, very good and excellent quality levels.

From where do you import PPE?

Our PPE is imported from many suppliers in Europe and Asia.

What is the origin of the fabrics that you use?

A big part of the cotton fabrics are produced in Bulgaria. All other fabrics are imported first hand from various producers.

Do you offer branding for the garments?

Yes, we offer branding with logo print or embroidery.

Do you offer logo print?

Yes, all you need to do is send us your company logo in vector format.

Do you offer embroidery for garments?

Yes, all you need to do is to send us your company logo in vector format. Keep in mind that embroidery is not possible for some of the ready garments but it can be offered for all custom orders.

Do you offer branding for PPE?

Yes, we offer branding for helmets and all kinds of PPE that would allow branding.

What kind of PPE do you offer?

We provide each kind of PPE used in production and other activities such as helmest, masks, googles, shieds, earplugs, safety harness, gloves etc.

Can you give an adivice on what PPE to use?

Yes, our specialists could give you an advice, which PPE would be better for your kind of activity.

Can you produce custom clothing?

Yes, this is one of our main activities.

What is the minimum quantity for custom order?

The minimum quantity is 50 pcs. but depending on the product, order and the season - in some cases it could be lower or higher.

Do you offer product outside your catalogue?

Yes, we could provide any kind of clothing whatever of your need.

Do you maintain everything from your catalogue on stock?

Yes, we maintain each clothing except some products from our special line which are strictly individuals - we produce it only after order.

Can I buy 1 piece?

Yes, we do not have any minimum quantity.

How can you guarantee the quality of your clothes?

Garments which produce are manufactured under our strict control.  Textiles, which use this are or our own production or direct imports - in this way we guarantee and the quality of the materials.  Imported garments are produced in our models and requirements and are checked before departure of the market.

How can you guarantee the quality of your PPE?

All personal protective equipment, which we offer meets the latest European standards and directives for PPE, as well as we can provide certificates for each item.

Where are the garments manufactured?

All of the custom orders, as well as part of garments which are maintained on stock are produced in Bulgaria. The rest of the garments on stock are imported first hand.